Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats by Macomb Township Teen a Hit at Home – and Hollywood

Many teens clamor for celebs’ clothing and fragrance lines. But for Macomb Township kid Skylar Bisel, age 14, it might be the other way around. He’s been turning heads on the red carpet with Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats, his handcrafted luxury bath products – not to mention, winning plenty of fans right here in southeast Michigan.

From bath bombs and body scrubs to seasonal fizzies, gift sets and even “Treats for Tots” (think “Rock-a-Baby Bubbles” and lotion – or “Tiny Tushie” accoutrements), Bizzy Fizz boasts an impressive line up of colorful self-care goodies with clever names and cute packaging (check out the Bath Candy!).

And besides getting attention in metro Detroit, Skylar’s creations have been hitting the big-time. They were featured in a special showcase of small-business swag at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2013. His company whipped up an exclusive “All the World’s a Stage” gift bag for the stars. They’ve been featured at the Primetime Emmy Awards, too, and landed a leading role in media press bags for The Oscars in 2013.

But it all began back in 2004, when Skylar, who was 6, made his first bath fizzy for a home-school science project. Infatuated with the concoction, Skylar began exploring new names, ingredients and ideas. With his mom (and current business partner) Laura’s support and guidance, Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats came to life. Since offering items online, the business has gained steam, getting gifted to actresses like Vanessa Lachey and Alison Sweeney.

So why not get snazzed up the way the stars do? Explore Bizzy Fizz’s online catalog – and buy products at the Art Is In Market (at the Mall at Partridge Creek) in Clinton Township and Celtic Sisters Candles & Candies in New Baltimore.


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