Meet Dr. Jeffrey Provizer of the DMC Medical Group

Find out why this family medicine doctor makes such an impact on his patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Provizer, D.O., always tells it like it is – and he expects the same of his patients.

It’s one of the many reasons this family practice physician with DMC Advanced Family Care of Commerce is so trusted. He’s a “straight shooter,” as he says, and that means a lot to the people in his care.

“When I was a patient, that’s what I wanted,” says Dr. Provizer, who has more than 22 years of experience under his belt.

It’s a two-way street, though, and that’s critical to a positive doctor-patient relationship. Your family doctor’s office, he explains, is a judgement-free zone and patients should feel comfortable sharing their health concerns.

“It’s the one place you can say anything and you don’t get judged. You don’t get questioned,” he says. “We try to figure out the problem, no matter what it is.”

When working in family medicine, issues encountered on a daily basis can range from new parents with questions about infant development to common illnesses or diabetes management. No matter the issue, listening to the patient is key.

“We’re here to help people,” Dr. Provizer emphasizes. “I’ll be a friendly ear to listen and a guiding force if they need the help.”

For parents of young children, especially, it helps to know that there’s never a “wrong” reason to bring your child in.

“You come in whenever there’s an issue that you can’t explain,” he adds. “If there’s a question, it’s much better that someone takes a look.”

Becoming a family medicine physician was a natural choice for Dr. Provizer, who said the idea of being a doctor was a dream he had as a kid that he’s grateful he could make into a reality.

“Thirty or forty years ago when I started thinking about it, I think it was a pipe dream as a child,” he says. “As you go through life, you figure out things that are going to make you happy, and what I do makes me feel fulfilled.”

He chose family practice as a medical intern and “never looked back.”

“I like the variety of people that we get to see. You see every walk of life. In family practice we see newborns, adolescents, adults and their parents and grandparents,” Dr. Provizer explains. “There’s a lot of variety. It’s nice to serve the same community because we see generations of families. Family medicine is great because of the contact that we have with the patients and their families.”

Promoting good health – including how to keep your body healthy before there’s something to fix – is the ultimate goal.

“I always say that it’s much easier to keep you healthy than to get you healthy,” he says.

Dr. Provizer and his wife have been married for 24 years. They have 20-year-old twin sons and a 15-year-old daughter. They enjoy traveling, bike riding and any chance to spend time together. A Michigander for life, he can’t see his family living anywhere else.

“I love Michigan because the seasons are pretty neat,” he says. “We have everything you want here in Michigan.”

To learn more about Dr. Provizer or to make an appointment, visit


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