10 Ways to Fuel Kids Passion for Reading

Get your child hooked on books!

Reading provides a critical foundation for success in school and in life. But in today’s digital age, getting a child to read outside of the classroom can be tricky. Here are a few creative ways to help your child change their mindset from having to read to wanting to read.

Visit Little Free Libraries

Visit Little Free Libraries with your child and make a scavenger hunt game of it to see how many you can find. Donate your old books and find their next great read. You can even build your own Little Free Library in your neighborhood. The good news, Gale, part of the global education technology company Cengage Group, along with Brilliant Detroit and Little Free Library, is installing 21 new mini libraries in high-need Detroit neighborhoods

Help your child start a book club

Book clubs are the perfect way to socialize with friends while encouraging a love of reading. Help your kids round up some friends, books and start planning regular meetings to discuss their thoughts and questions.

Enter reading rewards programs

Lots of national and local businesses provide incentives to children who read. Pizza Hut, for example, has a longstanding program that lets kids earn free pizzas for reading.

Use interactive reading apps

Several interactive apps encourage reading. Some of our favorites include Caribu, a video-calling app that lets family and friends read together virtually, and Novel Effect, an app that brings stories to life with interactive music and sound effects.

Attend author readings and book signings

Many Barnes & Noble locations and other independent bookstores love to host local authors for a read-aloud and book signing. These events offer a special and unique opportunity for kids to ask their burning questions about the inspiration behind the books.

Listen to audiobooks

Reading is reading, and listening to audiobooks is not cheating! In fact, audiobooks allow kids to enjoy books above their reading level, introducing them to engaging stories. Audiobooks can be a wonderful shared experience where parents and children can listen to a book together. 

Go on a storybook walk

Storybook walks let young readers enjoy a story and the great outdoors, as pages from a children’s book are printed and placed in displays along a walkable path at a park, school or neighborhood. Check with your local library for their recommendation of where to find the most current storybook walks.

Connect with an author

Children’s authors love talking to young readers. Let your child connect with their favorite author through their website or social media accounts and share their thoughts on the book!

“Alycat always loves receiving fan mail,” says Alysson Bourque, creator of The Alycat Series. “Alycat fans will often send ideas for future stories and characters that I take into consideration. My favorite fan mails are when readers find “literary Easter eggs” within the stories and let me know.”

Make book themed crafts

Extend the fun of books beyond the pages, and encourage your child to make puppets of their favorite characters, bookmarks inspired by their favorite story or even dioramas that showcase a scene from a book.

Organize a character dress-up day

Dressing up is a popular way to get children to engage with reading. Talk to your child about their favorite book character and help them make a costume to celebrate the book. Snap a photo and send it to the author – you never know if they’ll share it on their website or social media!

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