Summer Programs at Brightmont Academy Offer Flexibility for Families

Enriching summer programs for PreK-12, credit recovery and one-to-one instruction help your child achieve their academic and personal goals. The campus director explains.

As summer approaches, many parents are looking for engaging educational opportunities for their children. Your child may need to recover a credit, get ready for freshman year of high school or boost their math, reading or writing skills. 

Brightmont Academy-Birmingham may be just what you’re looking for. In addition to its flexible one-to-one instruction that operates all year long, Brightmont Academy also offers a suite of summer programs designed to fit a variety of needs.

“We have so many solutions for so many types of students,” says Annette Looser, Brightmont Academy’s campus director. “We help kids who are advanced in their grade level, falling behind or who just want extra preparation. Parents tell me that they wish they would have found us years earlier.”

Enrichment programs for a productive summer

According to Looser, summer is an optimal time to enroll your child in Brightmont Academy’s programming. “Unlike many programs, we are flexible. We accommodate kids’ other activities and family vacations as well as a child’s learning style.” 

Brightmont Academy offers enrichment programs in key academic areas. “We customize these programs to the student,” says Looser. “Two common areas are math and reading. A lot of kids need extra math instruction and our one-to-one model as opposed to a group setting makes kids more comfortable learning difficult concepts.”

Trying to get kids to read in the summer is another hurdle for parents, which Brightmont addresses. “Our summer programs in reading help boost kids’ reading and vocabulary skills as well as their confidence,” says Looser.

Specialized courses are also available, including kindergarten readiness, ACT/SAT test prep, hands-on science experiments and executive functioning, all designed to build skills in preparation for the new academic year.

“A lot of parents come to us looking to help their students avoid the ‘summer slide.’ We keep kids academically engaged,” says Looser. “Many of our kids say they prefer this type of one-to-one instruction to what they receive at their traditional schools.”

Brighmont Academy Birmingham Summer Program Highlights

Credit recovery and beyond

High schoolers who need to retake a class can benefit from Brightmont’s credit recovery options. These programs, tailored to individual needs, enable students to retake courses with the support of one-on-one instruction. This personalized approach allows for concentrated learning, ensuring students can recover credits efficiently and stay on course for graduation.

Looser emphasizes that course credits are available for a range of students, not just those who need to recover a failed grade.

“We also offer classes for students who need to fit in a course during the summer due to packed school year schedules, sports or other commitments. We offer high school level courses in language, science, math and more. We also offer AP level courses for students who don’t have those available at their own schools.”

Tailor-made academic programs with measurable results

What sets Brightmont Academy apart is its commitment to individualized education. Each student benefits from the undivided attention of a dedicated teacher, allowing for instruction that is attuned to their unique learning style, pace and educational needs. This one-to-one teaching model not only promotes academic success but also builds confidence and lays the groundwork for future achievements.

“We offered one younger student an individualized series of mini-courses in writing, math, executive function and reading,” says Looser. “Despite initial reluctance at attending school in summer, they ended up enjoying it and looking forward to our classes.”

An important aspect of Brightmont that Looser wants parents to know is that you create your own schedule for your child. “Come in two hours a day, five days a week. Come in longer hours for fewer days and anything in between,” she says.

Another benefit of Brightmont’s summer programs is the measurable results. “We conduct a pretest of the student’s skill level before the class starts and we do a post-test for reading and math so that we can see the growth,” Looser explains.

Solutions that extend beyond summer

Brighmont’s flexibility and achievement-based approach is the right fit for homeschooled students whose parents want to fill their own knowledge gaps.

“We help homeschooling families all year long with pieces of curriculum that they are not comfortable teaching,” says Looser. “That could be math, science, language arts – anything that is not a parent’s area of expertise.”

Brightmont caters to any non-traditional student, including all ages of athletes, performers and others who have many commitments. Looser says they will create a timeline and curriculum that fits that specific student. “Currently we have four elementary school hockey players who are homeschooled. Our curriculum team created a schedule with Fridays off, which are days they need to travel for games,” says Looser.

Looser is proud of the fact that programs at Brightmont Academy-Birmingham, summer as well as yearly, are designed to help parents and students find solutions to academic challenges.

“I’m good at solutions,” says Looser. “Sometimes parents don’t know exactly what their student needs. Talk to us and we can help you find the right solution for them.”

To learn more about Brightmont Academy-Birmingham, visit or call (248)430-3060.

Jenny Kales
Jenny Kales
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