Biscuit Recipes: From Classic to Chocolate

Piping hot biscuits straight out of the oven are a delicacy – arguably better than pastries or crescent rolls. The golden, crisped outside holds in the moisture on the inside to make biscuits both hearty and delicate at the same time. With only handful of basic ingredients, most biscuit recipes share the same prep method – mix flour and baking powder or baking soda and then cut in either butter or shortening. Knead gently just enough to bring the dough together before rolling it out on a cutting board. Use a circular cutter to create the signature biscuit shape and bake. Play with the basic recipe to whip up different varieties like cream cheese biscuits, cornmeal biscuits and even chocolate biscuits – yes, chocolate!


Classic Biscuits

There are only six ingredients in this classic biscuit recipe from Betty Crocker. The key to the traditional look of the biscuit, with the rolls rising in the oven, is folding the dough over instead of kneading it as you would for a loaf of bread. Bake at high heat to keep to the cook time short so that the biscuits come out golden on the outside, soft on the inside.


Quick Buttermilk Biscuits

Cut the time for making biscuits by using this quick buttermilk biscuit recipe from Southern Living. Use self-rising flour with shortening as the base and then drench with buttermilk before cutting the biscuit dough into circles.


Cream Cheese Biscuits

Use butter and cream cheese to mix into the flour to create these satisfying cream cheese biscuits from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. These biscuits are best when they’re hot, drizzled with butter and honey. Freeze leftovers to have on hand as quick after-school snacks.


Cornmeal Biscuits

Reducing the amount of flour and adding in cornmeal gives more texture than you find in your typical biscuit. Plus, the earthy flavor in these cornmeal biscuits from Martha Stewart pairs well with a slathering of raspberry or blueberry jam in the middle of a warm biscuit.


Caramel Apple Biscuit Rolls

Gooey, with bites of diced fruit, these caramel apple biscuit rolls from Add a Pinch, start with a basic biscuit batter. Then, cook up apples with butter, cinnamon and sugar to add into the dough. Drizzle with caramel sauce before serving – maybe even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make this a dessert to remember.


Chocolate Buttermilk Biscuits

For another reason to add biscuits to your dessert menu, go no farther than these chocolate buttermilk biscuits from a Cozy Kitchen. Add both cocoa powder and melted chocolate into the batter for a double dose of chocolatey goodness. Cut and layer fresh strawberries and whipped cream inside for a tasty twist on strawberry shortcake.


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