Easter Brunch Recipes to Enjoy with Family

Does your family have favorite recipes that you make each year for Easter? Why not mix in a few new dishes this year to your holiday brunch spread. Many of these recipes are simple enough to make that you can get your kids involved, too! They’ll have fun constructing their own cinnabunnies from tubed cinnamon rolls, assembling fruit and granola parfaits, or even giving the lemon-ginger Bundt cake a final sprinkling of powdered sugar.



Easy cinnabunnies from Betty Crocker are simple to make using tubed cinnamon rolls. Have your kids unroll a cinnamon roll to create ears and use a regular circle piece for the bunny’s head. Complete the bunny look with raisins for eyes and a nose – and two almond slivers for big buck teeth.


Baked French Toast

This baked French toast recipe from Dwell on Joy soaks overnight in a batter of creamy eggs and a tangy syrup made from butter, maple syrup and brown sugar. Dust the French toast with cinnamon and powdered sugar for a beautiful dish that’s perfect for celebrating Easter.


Bacon-Cheese Pull-Aparts

It’s hard to believe these bacon-cheese pull-aparts from Pillsbury take only 15 minutes to put together! For a fast Easter morning meal that will fill up your family, you can put this dish together in a flash. Better yet, have your kids help you make this clever casserole.


Fruit-Granola Parfaits

For a refreshing treat to mix into your Easter brunch, try this fruit-granola parfait from Better Homes and Gardens. The colorful dish includes kiwifruits, bananas, oranges and raspberries that are layered with a smooth yogurt-cream cheese. Top with granola for a healthy treat the Easter Bunny would love.


Mini Mushroom & Sausage Quiches

These breakfast muffins are packed with tasty ingredients like turkey sausage, mushroom and Swiss cheese. Break out your muffin pan to make these mini mushroom and sausage quiches from Eating Well for a fun addition to your brunch.


Hot Cross Buns

The mix of cinnamon, cloves, allspice and nutmeg, along with candied fruit and raisins, give these hot cross buns from the Joy of Baking a sweet, spicy kick. You could always make these buns the day before Easter and then reheat them in the oven and glaze them just before serving. Mmm.


Lemon-Ginger Bundt Cake

Fill your house with the smells of spring with this lemon-ginger Bundt cake from Martha Stewart. It helps that the cake includes two sticks – a full, creamy cup! – of butter to give this coffee cake a rich flavor. Finish off the cake with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.


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