New Year’s Eve Drinks for Kids

Ring in the New Year with these drinks – non-alcoholic, of course, for everyone in the family to enjoy!

It’s fun to celebrate the start of a New Year – whether you let your kiddos stay up until midnight or you hold an earlier party (that’s right, noon is the new midnight). Pick up plastic glasses, paper umbrellas, and other drink decorations at your local party store. Your kids can help you make these non-alcoholic New Year’s Eve drinks and then add their own spin to each glass – maybe with a slice of fruit or a silly straw. Create pomegranate sparklers with fruit juice and seltzer. Or use lollipop stuck in ice cubes for a cool flare when crafting your sparkling Dum Dum drinks. There are plenty of creative drinks to make your party special.

Sparkling Dum Dum Drinks

Combine Dum Dums lollipops with soda to make this sparkling Dum Dum drink from Instructables. Have your kids unwrap the lollipops and then place one into each of the pockets in an ice cube tray. Pour soda into each one to fill, then freeze. Serve the lollipop cubes with added soda in drink glasses.

Chocolate Mocktini

Your kids will be amazed by this chocolate mocktini from Parenting. To start, use chocolate syrup to add designs to the inside edges of the drink glasses. Next, in the blender, pulse together mint chocolate ice cream, ice cubes and chocolate milk. Pour the mixture into the glasses.

Pomegranate Sparklers

Pomegranates have a rich, tart flavor that will have your kiddos puckering. To make the most of this exotic fruit that’s full of seeds that are actually fun to eat, fill a goblet half full with pomegranate juice and then sparkling water. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon in each one to finish off these pomegranate sparklers from Simply Bites.


Metro Parent offers three different kid-friendly drink ideas to celebrate the beginning of the New Year. If your kids love coconut, then try these better-than-pina colada drinks. Whirl together coconut milk, frozen strawberries, pineapple chunks, honey and cinnamon. Garnish the drink with an umbrella or a pineapple ring.

Milk-and-Cookie Shots

Your kids will be wowed by these milk-and-cookie shots from Pop Sugar. Press cookie dough into a popover pan to create the glasses. Chill and then bake. Coat the inside of each cookie glass with melted chocolate. When you’re ready to drink up, add milk right into the cookie center.

Mango Frappe

Get a blast of island flavors with this mango frappe from Mom Junction. Puree fresh or frozen mango chunks in the blender before adding in orange juice, lime juice, ice cubes and club soda. Pour the drink into glasses. Garnish with extra fruit like a fresh orange slice and/or a cherry.


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