Snowman Dessert Recipes: Tasty and Cute Ideas

Start singing the lyrics to "Frosty the Snowman" as you look through these recipe ideas. You can make your own sweet version of the jolly, happy soul with a corn cob pipe and two eyes made out of coal (just use chocolate chips and orange-colored candies for the face). For quick and easy recipes, try the powdered donut snowmen, frosty snowman pretzels or the chocolate snowman spoon recipes. Let your kids get covered with crumbs while making the Oreo snowman cookie balls. Then again, you can bring out your kids' artistic side by putting together either snowman cupcakes or chocolaty melting snowman. The best part about these snowmen is they won't melt – the way you make them disappear is by eating them!

Powdered Donut Snowmen

With this powdered donut snowmen recipe from Worth Pinning, you can make dozens of goodies all at once. Lace three mini powdered donuts through a wooden skewer. With icing, stick candy-coated chocolates in the center of the two lower donuts. The top donut is the head – add a candy corn for the nose and make the eyes and mouth with black icing.

Frosty Snowman Pretzels

This clever recipe for frosty snowman pretzels from Hungry Happenings uses white candy coating and pretzels. Fill circle-shaped pretzels with the melted coating and let them set until hardened. Use a dab of melted coating to attach an orange chocolate-coated sunflower seed as the nose. Mini chocolate chips make the perfect buttons and eyes.

Oreo Snowman Cookie Balls

Crush Oreo cookies to turn them into a yummy snowman. Here's how: Mix the cookie crumbles with softened cream cheese. Shape them into balls and freeze until hardened. Melt candy coating and then dip each to completely cover. What next? Decorate each one to fashion a face using orange and black icing to make these Oreo snowman cookies balls from Snack Works.

Chocolate Snowman Spoons

Your kids will love creating these chocolate snowman spoons from Cute Food for Kids. Coat the spoon into white chocolate candy coating, being careful not get it on the handle. Use orange taffy to form a nose. Black icing becomes the snowman's hat, eyes and mouth. These snowmen are perfect for stirring in hot chocolate.

Snowman Cupcakes

This recipe for snowman cupcakes from Betty Crocker makes it look like snowmen are emerging from cake. Generously top cupcakes with white frosting. Use pretzel rods to secure a large marshmallow into the center of the cupcake then add another one on top using frosting to hold it in place. Decorate the snowmen with candies and mints.

Chocolaty Melting Snowmen

These chocolaty melting snowmen cookies from Better Homes and Gardens will crack your kids up! Start by baking the cookies. Frost them with melted white chocolate candy coating to resemble a disappearing snowman. Add peanut butter cups to create the snowman hats.


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