Spooky Kids’ Foods for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect excuse to turn your kitchen into a mad scientist’s “laboratory,” creating everything from alien cupcakes to milkshakes fit for a ghost. Delight the little vampires and ghouls at your house with these freaky food ideas.


Awesome Alien Cupcakes

The aliens are invading! These whimsical cupcakes use Kix cereal to make goofy-looking spacemen bodies. Complete the look with M&M eyes and pretzel antennas. These alien cupcakes from Betty Crocker are fun to make with your kiddos.


Pickled Brains

Who knew cauliflower could be scary?! You won’t want to eat this recipe, but it will sure freak out your kids. Use this idea from Martha Stewart for pickled brains to make one show-stopping centerpiece for your next Halloween party.


Candy Corn Cheesecake

This recipe won’t give anyone the chills, but it’s sure to inspire a few thrills. Using food coloring and batter, you can construct this ingenious, unexpected candy corn cheesecake from Wilton. Decorate the cheesecake with a few real candy corn pieces to complete the look.


Ghostly Pudding Milk Shake

Let your kids go crazy painting ghoulish faces inside plastic cups. Then put the cups in the refrigerator before filling them with a vanilla pudding mixture. These ghostly pudding milkshakes from Kraft look even better topped with whipped cream.


Severed Finger Cookies

Shortbread dough is refashioned in this severed finger cookie recipe from Rachael Ray. You can make these cookies as realistic or fake as you want. Use raspberry jam at the ends of the finger cookies if you’d like them to look really creepy.


Eyeball Taco Salad

Watch out with this eyeball taco salad recipe from Taste of Home. Sliced tomatoes, sour cream and olives look like eyeballs staring right at you. This recipe is easy to put together, perfect for making before your kids head out to trick-or-treat.


Spider Crackers

This spider cracker recipe by Sprinkled with Flour uses Ritz crackers to form these cute arachnids. Have your kids smear peanut butter between the crackers; then dip them into chocolate to make the spider bodies. Finish the creepy crawlies with pretzel legs and Reese’s pieces eyes. Freaky, yet tasty.


Monster Toes

Start your kids’ Halloween morning off with a plate full of monster toes. This recipe from Food.com is quick to pull together with ingredients you probably have on hand. The trick is to trim one end of sausage links with kitchen shears to make it look like a toenail. Wrap the sausage in flour tortilla strips and then, after it’s baked, use mustard to create the “nail.” Eww!


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