Cool Kids Toys for the Cold Winter Weather

Remember the white stuff we were missing last winter? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s back – and the kids are seriously excited about it. The only thing that could possibly make them more excited is a new cool toy, to rally the neighborhood kids in your backyard. We’ve picked a few of them to help you get started, for toddlers, tweens and everyone in-between (maybe mom and dad, too).


Wham-O Arctic Force Snowball Maker

Tweens will love the ease and speed of making snowballs, with the Wham-O! Arctic Force Snowball Maker. It has the capacity to make not one, not two, but three snowballs at a time. What faster way to defeat mortal enemies?


Cozy Cruiser Baby Sled by One Step Ahead

Nobody puts baby in the corner this winter, if you have a Cozy Cruiser baby sled by One Step Ahead. This inflatable sled makes it easy for the littlest family member to participate in snow-day fun with the family. Maybe you could talk Fido into pulling it for you …


Lucky Bums Kids Beginner Snow Skis with Poles

For the kid who can’t stop moving, put her on skis and try to keep up with her. Lucky Bums makes a beginner ski set, with poles, so the whole family can slalom their way down the bunny hill to hot chocolate. Make mine with marshmallows and whip cream, please.


Snow Dino Kit

Who wants to build a snowman? Not me: I want to build a snow dinosaur. This kit is a great twist on the traditional snowman, and it’s sure to inspire creative minds. Beware, neighborhood children may gravitate to your yard. Hmm, I wonder who’s up for a game of Godzilla?


Wham-O Snowball Blaster

In case you forgot, snowball fights are fast and furious. Give your child the edge with the Wham-O Snowball Blaster. It can fire up to three snowballs in succession. On second thought, you might decide to keep it for yourself, just in case the kids start ganging up on you.


Stiga Curve Royal Snow Sled

Older kids will love combining skiing and sledding with the Stiga Royal Snow Sled. The steel frame makes it strong; the braking and steering mechanisms make it fun. They’ll be zigzagging down the hill in record time. (Hopefully they’ll miss the neighbor’s dog!)


Pelican Space Scooter Snowboard

Skateboarding without wheels, on snow – but at least they get a handle, right? That’s the concept for the Pelican Space Scooter Snowboard, for ages 5 and up. They get the thrill of snowboarding along with the security of a handle. For the parent who’s not a fan of, “Look ma, no hands!”


Sportstuff Snow Fort

The Sportsstuff Snow Fort makes an ideal home base for the serious snowball-fight enthusiast. The heavy gauge PVC and heat-sealed seams make it just about impervious to damage. The sunroof provides an excellent portal for surprise attacks when the opposing team gets
too close for comfort.


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