Beach Scavenger Hunt Souvenir Terrarium DIY Craft

When’s your family’s first trip to the beach? Or up north? If sandy (or rocky) shores are in your vacation plans, have your kids start thinking about how they’ll remember their activities out in the sun by sending them on a beach scavenger hunt. Then, turn it into a fun keepsake back at home! For a bonus, have kids pair those found souvenirs (driftwood, seashells, pebbles) with “non-found” enhancements. We had fun wandering the aisles of the craft store looking for just the right addition, like crushed seashells and fun plastic toys.


  • Small glass bowl
  • Found souvenirs from a visit to the beach (seashells, driftwood, etc.)
  • Crushed seashells, beach-related toys (see “non-found ideas,” below, for extra ideas)
  • Clear Dimensional Mod Podge (two bottles)
  • Small plastic cup
  • Tweezers


  1. Fill the bowl with crushed seashells. Keep adding until the bowl is a quarter full.
  2. Open one bottle of Mod Podge and cut off the tip. Squeeze the entire bottle into the bowl, making sure to hit all the shells. The Mod Podge gives a glossy look and keeps the pieces from moving. Let the Mod Podge work its way through all the shells. Set aside.
  3. Prep your souvenirs. With your other bottle of Mod Podge, pour a liberal amount into the plastic cup. Dip each accessory into the Mod Podge, making sure it’s covered well.
  4. Festoon your bowl as you please! Use tweezers to add items to just the right spot. Once each piece is set, place the bowl in a safe place to dry completely – at least 24 hours.

Non-found ideas

Glass bowls

Located not-so-far away in Toledo, Libbey makes a variety of bowl shapes and sizes that are just right for creating your beach scavenger hunt souvenir.

Crushed seashells

Your crafters found their favorite shells – there’s no need to crush them! Check the floral aisle at crafting stores, like Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft, for crushed seashells in several color options. If you watch for craft store coupons, this is a great item to use them on.

Frosted and shiny glass pebbles

Many all-purpose stores, like Target, offer containers of glass pebbles for floral arrangements. These make for great additions to your beach souvenir. Craft stores have several colors to choose from, too, also found in the floral arranging aisles. How will you build them up to add dimension to the bowl?


Have fun with your souvenir! Add boats, scuba divers or these plastic turtles and frogs to your bowl for an added touch of personality.


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