Bombshell Treat Bar Brings Taste Bud Poppin’ Desserts to Berkley

We all scream for ice cream! These scratch-made treats will transform your taste buds.

The eye poppin’ ice cream treats from Bombshell Treat Bar have found a permanent home at the company’s first brick-and-mortar store and production kitchen in Berkley. 

Since the end of April, the dessert shop has been serving up handmade frozen creations, all dipped in scratch-made Belgian chocolate. Think: the classic magic shell you loved as a kid, but with real ingredients in all sorts of flavor varieties. 

Quick details about Bombshell Treat Bar

Bombshell treat bar berkley
Photo credit: Bombshell Treat Bar

Ice cream fans can customize their own creation by picking their treat (ice cream bar or soft serve), chocolate dip, drizzle and toppings. The house-made chocolate dips range from decadent dark chocolate to fruity flavors like cherry and lemonade. Ice cream pies, pretzel ice cream sundaes and other inventive treats are also on the menu. 

Fan favorites include the Campfire Dreams bar — milk chocolate dip, chocolate drizzle and graham cracker crumble, sandwiched between a graham cracker square and a torched marshmallow — and the Sweet n Salty — vanilla soft serve, dark chocolate dip, caramel drizzle, flake salt, crumbled pretzels and crushed potato chips. 

Bombshell treat bar berkley
Photo credit: Bombshell Treat Bar

Bombshell Treat Bar will also be offering specialty ice cream bars each month. So far, carrot cake and margarita have been popular monthly specials. Founder Jill Kasle has plenty of fun and quirky ice cream combos in the works. 

“I didn’t set out to be a typical ice cream store. I set out to create and deliver an experience,” says Kasle. “I can’t compete with the corner soft serve store or the neighborhood joint that’s been there for 50 years; I’m not trying to. I’m on a mission to elevate the ice cream experience and allow people to play with flavors and textures in ways that maybe they haven’t done before while enjoying ice cream.” 

Sweet Talk with founder Jill Kasle

Bombshell treat bar berkley
Photo credit: Bombshell Treat Bar

Bombshell founder Jill Kasle is a mom of two kids, ages 12 and 14, and a chocolate fanatic. We got the scoop on her passion for unique treats, as well as her go-to ice cream order at Bombshell Treat Bar. 

Where did the inspiration for Bombshell Treat Bar come from? 

“I was on a trip with my family to Montreal. We went into an ice cream shop for dessert one night, and this place was taking vanilla soft serve and dipping it in 30 flavors of Belgian chocolate,” says Kasle. 

“I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This marriage of chocolate and ice cream was so mind blowing to me, because what you think of as chocolate shell or chocolate dip isn’t actually chocolate; it’s oils flavored with chocolate components. This was true Belgian chocolate. It was so decadent. They created a whole new experience by offering these really wild flavors of chocolate, and then every topping imaginable to put on top of your cone. I walked out and I said ‘oh my God, I have to do this.’”

What is your go-to order at Bombshell Treat Bar? 

Kasle usually builds her own ice cream bar and loads up on all of her favorite toppings. The Sweet n Salty cone is also one of her go-tos. 

“Dark chocolate, caramel drizzle and Madagascar vanilla — you could put anything on Madagascar vanilla and it would be delicious — but I love our dark chocolate. It’s dairy free, but it’s not so dark it’s bitter,” says Kasle. “I love that sweet and salty flavor, so potato chips and pretzels and Himalayan sea salt with dark chocolate and caramel; all that salt and crunch is delicious.”

Which frozen treats do you keep in your freezer at home? 

“I love layered ice cream. Talenti has a lot of pints that are layered with cake, brownie, chocolate chip or Oreo cookies, so I don’t need to add anything. All the textures and flavors are in there for me.”

“[Culinary Director Tori Parnell] taught me the pleasures of ice cream,” adds Kasle. “There are so many nuances, so much we can feel and experience with ice cream. I love having it in my freezer.”

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