Camp Crafts for Kids

With school out for summer vacation, many children across metro Detroit are heading to camp. There are so many types of camps to choose from these days! Day camp, morning camp, sleep-away camp… the list goes on. One thing you can bet on is that all of these camps offer lots of craft projects! If your child is excited to attend camp, try one of these projects to get them in the spirit before the first day arrives.

Squirt Gun Painting

Squirt gun as an artist’s tool? I like it! Fireflies and Mudpies takes the water out of her sons’ squirt guns and replaces it with paint for a perfect outdoor activity.

DIY Wax Paper Lantern

For late nights outside, keep a lantern nearby! Especially one that’s extra crafty, as Artsy Fartsy Mama (what a great blog name!) shows us.

Super Strap Water Bottle Strap

It’s important to stay hydrated while hiking, so make sure you’ve got a water bottle handy. Second Chances by Susan shows you how to make a simple water bottle strap that’s perfect for time spent outside.

Paracord Bracelets

Not only do paracord bracelets look cool, they actually can be an important tool at the campsite. This accessory’s original purpose was to use the bracelet as emergency rope by unweaving it! The Mama’s Girls shows you to make one of your own with extra personalization.


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