Coming Soon: Play-Doh's DohVinci Craft Toy for Kids

Here on Make It last week, I shared some of my favorite family and kid finds from the annual SNAP! Creativity Conference in Salt Lake City. One of those favorite finds was the Play-Doh DohVinci, a handheld 3D printer made with budding artists in mind. Featuring a new design compound and styling tool, the colorful clay-like material easily sticks to other surfaces, making the the toy a versatile find for those who enjoy playing with the Hasbro classic.

At the conference, attendees had the chance to try DohVinci as we created small paperboard tiles to add to a mosaic that was on display at the conference. Heading home, we got the DohVinci Deluxe Styler Tool kit to try. The kit comes with the handheld styling tool, three different colors of the Deco Pop compound and four different decorating tips. Priced at $7.99, this is a good entry into the upcoming line of DohVinci products.
To use the tool, simply uncap the Deco Pop and insert into the styler. A small plastic arm flips up and is inserted into the back of the Deco Pop tube; this pushes the compound out onto your surface.
When you want to use a decorating tip, simply screw it onto the end of the styler.
Moving slow and steady with the styler without a decorating tip, it's easy to create straight lines, squiggly lines and even zigzag lines. Polka dots? You can make those, too. It's important to reinforce the importance of moving slow when using the styler; moving too fast breaks the compound mid-design.
The decorating tips take a little bit of practice when using the toy for the first time. The tip must be placed directly onto the surface so that the compound can flow into the tip and take the shape of the design. If your child has any clay modeling tools on hand, they can be used here to trim away any excess compound.
The Deco Pop compound will air harden overnight, so using it as a decorating medium on items like picture frames is definitely possible!

There are many DohVinci kits in the works when they hit store shelves this fall, according to Hasbro. I'm hoping there will be more basic shapes and kit themes; right now the line feels like it's aimed at younger girls. It's important to note that the compound does contain wheat, so parents of children with allergies will need to be aware.

Overall, DohVinci is a fun, more grown-up take on a Play-Doh classic. Stay tuned to the Hasbro website for product details in the coming months.


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