Duct Tape Lunch Bag and Name Tag Crafts

Duct-tape DIY is a hit! Actually, using this material as a crafting supply has been popular for a bit now. From totes to prom dresses, young crafters have taken it to new heights (I recently met some Royal Oak fifth graders whose cool wallets were selling like hot cakes!) Even manufacturers like Duck Brand have caught on and offer colorful, pattern-heavy options at the craft store.

It's also a great way for kids to give their school supplies a March makeover (there are still a few months to go, after all). Craft your very own lunch bag with a few favorite colors – and some tape-ripping elbow grease.

Lunch Bag

Stash your grub in style with this sturdy tote.


  • 1 roll solid-color duct tape; additional rolls of other colors/designs for accent and trim depending on what you'd like your bag to look like
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pen


  1. Start by constructing the bag panels. For the front main panel, rip or cut five 11" strips of the solid color (if you'd like to add in different colors or patterns, go ahead!). Place one strip down, sticky-side up, and place another strip, sticky-side up, overlapping 1/4". Repeat this for the five strips. You now have one side of the main panel. Cut five more strips and stick them, one by one, to the panel you just made. Once it's finished, you've got a duct-tape sheet.
  2. Repeat this exact process for the back panel.
  3. Next, make the sides of the bag using this same overlapping technique. Rip three 11" strips and overlap them. Rip three more strips and place them on top to create a skinnier duct tape sheet.
  4. Repeat this again for one more side panel.
  5. For the bottom, rip three 7" pieces and overlap as you've been doing throughout the project, but this time make sure the bottom is 4" tall when you're done. Rip three more strips and stick to the panel to make the last duct tape sheet.
  6. When you've made all your panels, you're ready to construct the bag! Trim the panel pieces if they're ragged or uneven. Place the main panel on a flat surface length-wise and place the bottom panel at one of the sheets. (If you've used decorative tape, make sure you place your bag bottom at the end of the panel that should be the bottom.) Rip a piece of tape, the size of the length of the panel, and tape the two pieces together. They don't need to overlap, just joined by the tape.
  7. Repeat this technique for the three other panels. Your finished piece should look like a big plus sign.
  8. Rip off a piece of tape that's the size of the length of the bag. Pull one side panel across to meet the top of the bag on the main panel. Create an outside seam with the tape you just ripped to give the bag its tote look. (You might need a helper as you flip the bag and continue to join the side panels to the main panels.) When this is done, the bag should be able to stand up on its own!
  9. Around the bottom of the bag, add a decorative "seam" to help cover any exposed joints and add stability to the bag.
  10. To make the handles, rip two 10" pieces of tape and fold in half to make a long, skinny strip. Make a U-shape and tape to the inside of the bag.
  11. You're set! Just remember to put all of your lunch goodies in their own containers.

Backpack Tag

Never lose your gear again! Now that you've got the duct tape sheet-creation method mastered, you can make this handy ID tag in no time.


  • Duct tape
  • 1 clear sheet protector
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or string
  • Ruler


Make a 3" x 4" duct tape panel (about two overlapping strips). Cut a 3" x 3.5" rectangle from the sheet protector. Place the plastic on top of the duct-tape sheet and tape down with matching duct tape, folding the excess over the side and sticking to the back. Punch a hole right above the plastic sheet. Add some ribbon or string and get ready to tie to your bag.


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