Faber-Castell’s Crafting Kit Must Haves for Kids

A few DIY kits to purchase for the craft-loving child in your life.

Step into any art supply store or shop that offer creative activities and you’re sure to find a product, medium or kit created by the Faber-Castell family of brands. The company was founded 225 years ago in 1761, so you know that they know a thing or two about what makes for a quality art supply. With just 15 weeks left until the holiday season, I’m already keeping my eyes open for wonderful DIY gifts to give to the junior crafters on my list.

To help with my research, I spent a Sunday afternoon with Aidan and Lilah, a brother-and-sister DIY duo who are seriously crafty. I put them to the test trying a whole suite of ready-to-create Do Art kits from Faber-Castell that I’m happy to report were all huge hits. Take a look at their favorites and what made each kit exciting for them as you start to think about your own holiday gift list needs.

Easy Kits to Come Back to Time After Time: Watercolor Pencil Art, Collage, Word Art

Lilah was the first to break into the Watercolor Pencil Art kit. As with all of the Do Art kits, everything your child will need to start creating is included in the package. That’s especially helpful for sending one of these as a gift to a friend or family member out of state or to present to your child during quiet time at a holiday meal. The Watercolor Pencil Art combines watercolor pencils that magically turn into paint when water is applied. Lilah enjoyed making a sample color card as she experimented with blending colors.

Collage was another kit that Lilah tried as she immersed herself in a new-to-her art technique. The kits come with detailed instructions and some even offer commentary on the medium the child is working with. However, many of the kits are so easy to use that the instructions aren’t always necessary. Lilah really liked all the different fabrics that the kit included as she started mini dog collage.

The Word Art kit caught Aidan’s eye. Playing off of the ongoing trend of bold quote artwork offered by many companies today, Aidan enjoyed the combination of stickers and doodling the exercise lead him through.

Heavy on the “Whoa!” Factor: Gel Stick & Texture Art

When Lilah took out the creamy gel sticks and started doodling with them over a zebra pattern sheet, we all exclaimed, “That’s awesome!” The retractable paint pens come in a variety of colors and react just a bit differently from one another when rubbed onto the papers and texture sheets.

Great for a Rainy Afternoon: Block Printing

Once again, this kit was big on the clever factor. Aidan learned the basics of carving stamps for DIY printing with this kit. Children use a small wooden stylus to either trace a design or make something freehand. When a small brayer of paint glides over the surface, the paper is applied and prints start rolling out.

Best in Class: Paint with Marbles

This idea is so simple it’s brilliant. The kit itself acts as a tool to help you turn small marbles into rolling art brushes. Aidan made several prints right away once he opened the box. Many of the kits came equipped with foam and adhesive to turn the finished works into framed masterpieces – such a great idea. The paint was an easy clean up thanks to a pack of hand wipes we had on hand, so once the fun was done for the afternoon we simply boxed it all up.

To see these kits in more action, make sure to subscribe to Faber-Castell’s YouTube channel. To check out Faber-Castell kits your child might love, stop by your local Michaels for inspiration.


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