Halloween Paper Crafting and Decor Ideas with Stampin’ Up

You might remember a post on Make It this past summer that introduced readers to a new scrapbook journaling system, Project Life, from Stampin’ Up. I’m pleased to report that PJ has transformed the way I document my family’s vacations and everyday moments! Meanwhile, this fall, Stampin’ Up has been busy debuting its 2014 holiday collection Once again the products are full of whimsy, rich colors and easy-to-use craft supplies. After all, Halloween is just a few weeks away. For those of us who enjoy giving handmade gifts, that means it’s time to start working.

The 2014 holiday catalog goes from autumn to New Year’s Eve, with most everything in between. The Stampin’ Up team was gracious enough to send a sampling of products from that catalog my way; first up on Make is, of course, the Halloween offerings. Today, I’ll show you some of my favorite items from this collection, along with a project your family can make at home.

Frightful Wreath Simply Created Kit

Halloween means something a little bit different to all of us. For some it’s about playful costumes and characters. For others, it’s all about being scared. From traditional orange jack-o’-lanterns to glitzy, glittered craft pumpkins, today’s craft makers have a design scheme for everyone. If you or your children prefer a glitzier Halloween look, then the Frightful Wreath Simply Created kit, which runs $26.95, is for you.

In this kit, you’ll have everything you’ll need to create a 17-inch wreath. The base is a sturdy Styrofoam circle that is first wrapped with black tinsel. A glittery silver spider web is glued to the front of the wreath before you create an orange-and-white paper rosette, with black-stamped doilies and banner, to hang in the center. The crowning addition is a beaded spider.
This wreath kit most mimics one of Stampin’ Up’s sister companies, Paper Pumpkin, and its ready-to-make craft kits. The wreath is perfect for the crafting parent who’d like to make something on her own or together with the help of crafty kids. For teens who love to create, especially with beading, this kit is perfect.

My wreath is now hanging in our house as part of this year’s Halloween decorations.

Freaky Friends and Mottley Monsters

If a sweeter, not-so-scary approach to Halloween is your family’s preference, meet the Freaky Friends.

This set of 13 stamps, which costs $16.95, includes characters ranging from a witch to Frankenstein himself. Pair those well-known Halloween icons with silly monsters and even a friendly skeleton and you’re ready for some illustration-minded Halloween stamping.
Stampin’ Up offers both wood and cling-based stamps in its catalog. The cling-based stamps are great for crafters of all skill levels, but are ideal for those newer to stamping – as they allow you to precisely position your stamp on the paper.
The Freaky Friends arrive as one sheet. You punch them out and add their identifying stickers to the fronts.
To add your stamp to a clear stamping block, simply place it on the block and slide it into place. The friction creates a bond between block and stamp.
See how easy it is to see where you’re stamping?
Not to be outdone by the Freaky Friends, the Motlley Monsters have their own showing this year, too.
This collection of heavyweight scrapbooking paper, priced at $10.95 (which includes 12 sheets, featuring two each of six double-sided designs), sports familiar friends along with spooky trees, ghosts and even Halloween polka dots.

How-To: Freaky Friend Photo Page Card

What can you do with all of these Halloween supplies? Besides letting you or your child’s creativity take over and guide the project, why not start with a photo album-inspired greeting card? Pre-
cut the paper pieces for younger crafters and let older crafters run the show depending on age and skill level.


  • 1 sheet of Motlley Monsters paper
  • Freaky Friends stamp set and clear stamping block
  • Inkpad
  • Corner rounder (optional)
  • Plain card stock in orange and white
  • Small paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape
  • Tape runner or glue stick
  • Ruler


Start out by cutting a rectangle from the scrapbook paper that’s 5.75 inches wide and 11.5 inches tall.
Fold the paper in half and crease well in the center to create your card.
From your cardstock cut the following pieces: (bullets) 2 white squares: 4-by-4 inches and 3-by-3 inches 1 white rectangle: 1-by-3 inches 1 orange rectangle: 1.5-by-3 inches
Place a stamp of your choosing on the stamping block and ink. Stamp the image onto the 3-by-3-inch white square. Let dry.
Glue your stamped white square to the orange square, centering in the middle. Glue the smaller white rectangle onto the orange rectangle.
Glue the square and rectangle sets to the front of the card. Add a piece of washi tape to opposite corners of the square to make it look like a scrapbook image.
Glue your 4-by-4-inch square to the inside of the card. This is where you or your child can leave a Halloween message for the recipient. Again, add a piece of washi tape to opposite ends of the white square.
On the front of the card, think of a photograph call-to-action like, “Say, ‘Cheese!'” – but with a Halloween twist. Depending on the stamp you use, try:

  • “Say, ‘BOO’!”
  • “Say, ‘MONSTER! EEK!'”
  • “Say, ‘Hey, Frank!'”
Round the card’s corners, if you like, to finish the card.
Your card is read to send! Keep an eye on Stampin’ Up’s blog for more paper-crafting projects, like these paper pumpkins.


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