Jingle Bell Bracelet DIY Holiday Craft Project

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell ROCK! Jingle bells are some of my favorite supplies to keep in my craft stash. Whether you string one on a necklace or wind them on a pipe cleaner, there are so many ways to have fun with these jingly little accoutrements that capture the winter spirit. With all those holiday parties and events coming up, these bracelets are the perfect festive addition to any outfit. And if you're looking for gift ideas this holiday season, handmade gifts are always a fun route to go. So, try this this easy and fun craft with your kid.



1. Start of by cutting a piece of cord the circumference of your wrist, but add a few additional inches. You'll need the extra length to safely take on and off the bracelet – the bulk of the bells adds to the length of the bracelet overall. Wrap a piece of tape at one of the cord so that the bells don't slide off. Tape is a craft staple like that!
2. Next, string the bells onto the cord. As you work with the cord, rest the strung bells on a flat surface so that the weight of the bells isn't too heavy for the cord. Continue to add bells to fill up the length of the cord.
3. Once you've strung bells on the majority of the cord, carefully remove the tape and join both ends together. Be careful: The cord is heavy at this point, thanks to the bells. Knot two to three times to secure the cord. Make sure not to tie too tight!
4. Try it on – you're ready for the holidays! Have your kids make a bunch for friends or family members. And if you come up with different variations on our project, make sure to show us!


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