Kid-Friendly Tunes That Parents Will Like, Too

Child-appropriate jams that don’t drive parents crazy are a rare brew. We cranked up tons of tyke tunes to find standout 2015 albums so far with better beats for your brood.

Animal Playground

By Putumayo Kids

These 11 lively multilingual critter-themed tracks by various artists take your kids on a global animal-kingdom journey, from the States to France, South Africa, The Netherlands and more. Re-release. $14.98. Putumayo World Music.


By Josh & The Jamtones

This super energetic Boston-based ska-punk-pop band might even get your tweens’ attention with fast-paced, hilarious ditties like “Tailfeather,” “I <3 Ur Face,” “L-O-V-E” and more. $9.99. Jamhouse Records.

Whales Can’t Whistle

By Bunny Clogs

This kiddie hip-hop/pop record introduces some of nature’s weirdest creatures, like the platypus, squid, toad and naked mole rat. $12/CD, $10/MP3. Princess Records.

We All Shine

By Play Date

The upbeat lyrics of this husband-wife duo get your toes tapping as kids groove to kindie (i.e. kid indie) rock songs like “Ninja Pajamas” that aim to develop a sense of health, self-worth and independence. $12/CD, $10/MP3. Fun Fun Records.

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

By Lloyd H. Miller

This old-time jazz and rock ’n’ roll album is packed with songs from the 1800s and newer originals on everything from the Gettysburg Address to abolition. $9.99. Lloyd H. Miller.

Lullaby Renditions of Blink-182

By Rockabye Baby!

The tattooed pop-punk rockers get a sweet acoustic makeover to lull your darling to dreamland. Part of the 65-plus-artist series. $16.89/CD, $11.99/MP3. Rockabye Baby.


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