Monthly Baby T-Shirts Craft

I love the age updates parents post of their newborn babies. From 1 to 12 months, the photos are adorable – and almost always feature a prop to show off the milestone, such as stickers on T-shirts. For a fresh approach, try creating a set of flocked transfers for a custom collection of tops that double as a keepsake of baby’s first year. Each has a cute flannel fabric behind a transfer to show off that month’s number on a basic white baby shirt. You can mix up long and short sleeves with rompers based on the time of year. They’re great to create for your own baby – or to give as a set to a soon-to-be parent. Best of all: No sewing required.



  1. Make the flannel circles to place behind the flocked month numbers. Cut a square of fabric and the Wonder-Under larger than the top of your pint glass. Turn the fabric over so that the wrong side is facing up. Place the Wonder-Under on top of the fabric, paper-backing-side up.
  2. With your iron on the hottest setting, iron the Wonder-Under onto the fabric.
  3. Turn your pint glass over and trace the top onto the paper-backed side of your fabric/Wonder-Under combination. Cut out the circle.
  4. Peel away the paper backing from the circle. Place it on top of the shirt, right side up, and iron on, moving the iron back and forth to make sure all sides of the circle have been fused to the shirt fabric. Let cool.
  5. Cut one of the month numbers out from the Uptown Baby sheet. Position the number in the center of the flannel circle. Place your pressing cloth on top of the transfer and press with your iron for 20 seconds. Turn the shirt inside out and press again, but this time for 60 seconds. Let cool.
  6. Once you’ve made sure all sides of the transfer are sealed, peel the plastic backing away from the design. Pull from one corner slowly, making sure the design has transferred. With the first shirt done, repeat for the rest of the months, making sure to work numerically from smallest size to largest.


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