Best Family Shows and Movies to Stream in November

Get into the holiday spirit with these kid-friendly picks!

The holidays are upon us and with the cooler weather coming, it’ll be great to cuddle up on the couch for a family movie night.

This month, the streaming services feature plenty of holiday entertainment, including some Christmas movies and shows and some reboots of some classics. Here are our picks for what to watch with your family this November.  

The Santa Clauses (Season 2)

Streaming Nov. 8, 2023

  • Where to watch: Disney+

Watch season 2 where The Calvin’s including the big guy himself, (Tim Allen) find out how each family member can contribute to the holidays. The series introduces Santa’s nemesis, Magnus Antas a.k.a. The Mad Santa (Eric Stonestreet).

Mavka: The Forest Song

Streaming Nov. 9, 2023

  • Where to watch: Hulu

This animated film is about a forest nymph named Mavka (Laurie Hymes) who protects the forest from humans. She is charmed by a human named Lucas (Eddy Lee) and his musical instrument and has a new perspective on humans and love.

CoComelon Lane

Streaming Nov. 17, 2023

  • Where to watch: Netflix

The CoComelon characters take on a whole new adventure of growing up – going to the dentist, getting a haircut, going to dinner at a friend’s house. taking care of a pet among other first-time milestones in this series.

Dashing Through The Snow

Streaming Nov. 17, 2023

  • Where to watch: Disney+

A father, who’s also a non-believer in Santa, (Ludacris) spends time with his daughter on Christmas. When Santa Claus (Lil Rel Howrey) drops by their house, they take him on a ride dodging enemies after his ‘Naughty and Nice’ list.


Streaming Nov. 21, 2023

  • Where to watch: Netflix

See what happens when the class pet, a 74-year-old lizard named Leo (Adam Sandler) gets to go home with the children in the class and they hear him actually speak. He then learns how he can help the kids and make a difference in the world with his wisdom from over the years.

Good Burger 2

Streaming Nov. 22, 2023

  • Where to watch: Paramount+

This highly-anticipated sequel will feature original characters Dexter (Kenan Thompson) and Ed (Kel Mitchell) back together again. After his inventions fail, Dexter has to go back to his old job working with Ed at Good Burger.

The Naughty Nine

Streaming Nov. 23, 2023

  • Where to watch: Disney+

When Andy (Winslow Fegley) finds out he’s on Santa’s (Danny Glover) ‘Naughty List,’ he gets a group of his other “naughty” friends together to rob the North Pole after not getting presents for Christmas.

Family Switch

Streaming Nov. 30, 2023

  • Where to watch: Netflix

This film is a spin on Freaky Friday, where a mother (Jennifer Garner) and teenage daughter switch bodies AND a father (Ed Helms) and teenage son switch bodies. The teenagers struggle in the adult world and the parents get a rude awakening of what it’s like to be a teen nowadays.

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