Best Family Shows and Movies to Stream in June

Unwind with these kid-friendly streaming picks!

Here comes summer! The kids are about to end their school year, and it’s time to get excited for the season of sun, fun and lots of family time. Watching a show or movie together is one of the easiest ways to chill with your crew after a busy summer day. 

From animated adventures to new Disney comedies, this month is bursting with family-friendly entertainment. When you’re ready to take a break from all the outdoor activities, check out some of these shows and movies streaming this June. 

Lego Ninjago: Dragons Rising 

Streaming June 1, 2023

Where to watch: Netflix

Chances are, you’ve got some Lego lovers in your house. This new Netflix animated series is right up their alley. Two teens from completely different worlds must use their ninja powers to defend dragons from villains and protect the planet. 

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Streaming June 1, 2023

Where to watch: Hulu

The Dreamworks animated classic that spawned two Netflix shows is coming to Hulu. Follow Spirit, a mustang who is captured by a Lakota brave, as he goes on a journey to escape a brutal military colonel and protect his homeland. 

Avatar: The Way of Water

Streaming June 7, 2023

Where to watch: Disney+

The epic sequel to 2009’s “Avatar” is a great pick for movie night with your teens. The film takes place 16 years after the events of the original movie. Main character Jake is living as chief of the Omatikaya clan on Pandora with Ney’tiri and their children. When the RDA threatens to invade Pandora again, Jake will have to wage a war against the humans. 

Pretty Freekin Scary

Streaming June 16, 2023

Where to watch: Disney+

Based on the book series of the same name, “Pretty Freekin Scary” is a new comedy show hitting both Disney Channel and Disney+ this month. 14-year-old Frankie Ripp has a pretty normal life. That is, until she dies in a freak accident. The Grim Reaper sends Frankie back home, with the agreement that her Underworld guardians, Pretty and Scary join her. Your tweens will be entertained by the show’s unconventional premise. 

Not Quite Narwhal

Streaming June 19, 2023

Where to watch: Netflix

This cheerful Netflix series for preschoolers is based on an award-winning children’s book. Main character Kelp has been living his life thinking he’s a narwhal, but discovers he’s actually a unicorn. Now Kelp has two worlds — the sea and the land — to explore. 

Marvel: Secret Invasion 

Streaming June 21, 2023

Where to watch: Disney+

Marvel fans, here’s a new miniseries to get excited about. Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role from the Avengers movies as Nick Fury. Fury uncovers a group of shapeshifting Skrulls that are trying to destroy the world. In order to stop the invasion, he recruits allies, including  characters from the Avengers universe, like Maria Hill and Talos. 

World’s Best

Streaming June 23, 2023

Where to watch: Disney+

This hip-hop musical is hitting Disney+ at the end of June. When 12-year-old math genius Prem Patel finds out his late father was a famous rapper, he decides that he wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Prem is inspired by imaginative daydreams where he raps with his dad. The comedy adventure puts a South Asian family at the center of a Disney movie.

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