Paper Confetti Picture Frame DIY Craft

It’s almost time for the big night … New Year’s Eve! Hopefully your family has something fun in store. Whatever your plans, there’s always room for a bit of confetti. Of all the New Year’s Eve components, confetti is crucial, if you ask me. What was your favorite moment from this year? Is it frame worthy? If it is, it’s time to create some confetti picture frames! It’s a quick, easy and fun craft for parents and kids to create over the holiday break, too. I was inspired for this week’s Make It by a recent installment from Whimseybox.


  • Picture frame (size is up to you)
  • Gel-like glue
  • Paper confetti (you can either make it yourself or buy it at the store)
  • Clear sealant


1. Start out by removing the picture frame backing and glass; set aside.
2. Next, take your glue and apply a liberal amount all over the frame.
3. Once you’ve applied the glue, it’s time for the paper confetti! Sprinkle a lot of confetti on the frame. Start at one end and work your way around the frame. It helps to work on a plate or tray so that you can collect the excess confetti afterward to save or discard.
4. After the whole frame has been covered, pick up the frame and tap off the excess confetti over your plate. Set the frame aside to dry.
5. When the frame is dry to the touch, give it additional tap to loosen any leftover confetti. Once you’ve done that, spray the sealant all over the frame, making sure to cover the non-confetti sides, too.

Let dry. Add your favorite photo to your frame and set up!


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