Perler Bead Badge DIY Craft for Kids

Perler beads are a kid-craft staple! From the basic shapes you can create to intricate portraits and video game-inspired art, Perler beads are a favorite of crafters of all ages. On top of fusing the beads, you can weave with them, string them on jewelry cord – the possibilities go on and on. If you haven’t sat down with a big bag of the tiny beads recently, it’s time. The beads can be purchased in large containers, mixed with a rainbow of colors, or in small, individual bags so that you can find just the right shade of orange.

Try experimenting with some Perler beads this weekend by making a monogram badge with a flip – literally! Have fun with what can be made with Perler beads by taking a different approach to fusing these colorful plastic gems.


  • Perler beads (your choice of colors)
  • Perler peg board (square)
  • Iron
  • Two small bowls
  • Pinback
  • Epoxy
  • Tweezers (optional)


1. With your two selected colors, pour a small amount out into two separate bowls. Place your square pegboard right in front of you on a flat surface.
2. Start with your favorite color for your initial. Position the letter in the center of the pegboard. TIP: You can practice making your letter by plotting it on a piece of graph paper before starting your project.

3. If you want the standard look of Perler beads and not the reversed look, remember to reverse the direction of your letter when placing it on the pegboard!

4. With the same color you just used for your initial, make a border on the outside of the pegboard.
5. Next, fill in the pegboard with the other color you chose. Tweezers can be a very helpful tool! Even Perler has its own set of tweezers with a scoop on one end – not bad.
6. When your pegboard is filled in, place the pressing paper on top of the mold. With your iron on a medium setting, press down firmly on the pegboard, moving back and forth to fuse the beads. To get the look we achieved, turn the heat up a bit and press longer on the beads. Let the design cool completely before removing.
7. After the design has cooled, remove it from the pegboard and flip it over. As you can see, the “traditional” Perler look is now on the back. Apply a small amount of epoxy to your pinback and attach to the design. Let dry and wear it proudly!

Wanna show off? Share a photo of your Perler bead badge. We’ll post it here in the Make It blog.


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