Pony Bead Necklaces: Easy Crafts for Kids to Make

Have you ever been to Munro Crafts in Berkley, Michigan before? This craft supply store focuses one entire section of its 12 Mile Road store to accessory items, including stuff for making jewelry crafts for kids – but the rest of the shop focuses on craft supplies that you just don’t see at some of the big craft store chains. One of those items happens to be pony beads for purchase by color and design, a must-have for kid-focused craft closets.

During a visit to the store last week, I made sure to pick up pony beads with a Valentine’s Day color scheme: red, white and pink in the traditional pony bead style. I also found heart shapes in a fantastic deep red. Once again, Munro Crafts has it all – and definitely when it comes to kids valentine crafts. As soon as I saw the rows of beads, I knew a Valentine’s Day necklace was in order.

You can find all of the supplies on this short list at Munro Crafts. When it come to bead crafts for kids, this one is sure to please. The finished look is so much fun you might want to have one of your own to match your child’s!


  • Plain pony beads: white, pink
  • Heart pony beads: heart shape
  • Waxed cotton cord: white
  • Scissors


1. Start out by cutting a length of waxed cord that when paired together as a necklace will be long enough to fit over your child’s head. Cut three pieces of cord this length, but add a few extra inches for tying as you go along.

2. Measure down a few inches from one end of your first piece of cord and tie a tight knot. Begin to start stringing beads with the first color.

3. Have your child string the beads so that it fills a majority of the cord. Tie another knot at the same beginning point you made on the opposite end.

4. Repeat the stringing for the two other colors so that your child has three strung strands.

5. Help your child gather the three strands together and tie a tight knot, gathering the knotted ends of the strands.

6. Repeat the knotting on the other side of the bead strands.

7. With the two knotted ends, it’s time to tie the necklace together. Tie a tight, tight knot to secure the ends and trim away the excess from the final knot. Once that’s complete, it’s time for your kids to show off their Valentine’s Day spirit, pony bead style!


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