Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Metro Detroit Families

Don't let FOMO guilt keep you and the kids from having a blast right here at home.

Spring break means relaxation and family fun! Even if you aren’t able to fly south for the sunshine, there is still loads of fun to be had right here in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. We did all the legwork for you to create a one-stop-shop to a fun, affordable, and even relaxing spring break staycation.

These activities are a good place to begin planning. Check in with your local library, parks and community centers to see what activities are being offered during spring break.

Remember, a staycation is still a vacation. To keep it fun, pretend that you really are on vacation. Use paper plates. Save the laundry for later. Sleep in. This is a time for you and your family to relax and enjoy one another.

For the Creators

$ Create a garden sculpture out of recyclables or items from Goodwill. Visit an outdoor art exhibit in the area for inspiration. Learn more about the importance of recycling by visiting your library or local waste facility.

$$ Visit a museum. Whether it’s an art museum or a science museum, there are certain to be hands-on activities for your little creator! Visit the museum’s website to plan and prepare before visiting. Pack a lunch to save on expenses. Don’t try to tackle every single thing. That would be exhausting, and this is a vacation.

$$$ Take a class or workshop! There is a burgeoning family-art-studio scene in the area. Many studios offer canvas painting classes for children that are reasonably affordable. Creating pottery can also be fun but is a little bit pricier. If your kids like to get their hands dirty, then pottery is the way to go. If you want to keep it super simple, splurge on a nice Lego set to complete as a family at home one evening.

For the Outdoor Enthusiasts

$ Go on a hike! There are so many amazing parks for family hiking in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. All you need are some good hiking shoes and a map. Visit the library before venturing out to find nature guides to help your little ones identify the birds, animals and insects they are sure to find.

$$ Set up camp! Whether it is in the backyard or in a state park, getting away and sleeping in the great outdoors is an experience your children will treasure for years to come. If your kids have never camped before, it’s a good idea to do a test run in the backyard before venturing deeper into the woods. Be sure to pack extra blankets as the nights can be cooler during the spring.

$$$ Tackle an aerial adventure! This exhilarating activity is a common team-builder for schools and businesses, but it can make your family tighter as you tackle obstacle courses at dizzying heights!

For the Foodies

$ Campfire food! Make a bonfire, pull up some chairs and let the kids roast their meal over the fire. Hot dogs or “Hobo Dinners” are easy and surprisingly entertaining meal options. No campfire meal is complete without s’mores! Make it snazzy by creating a s’mores board including an assortment of cookies and chocolates.

$$ Turn your home into a restaurant! Have your kids find recipes online or at the library to create one, two or several menus. Choose a theme — maybe the kids can research their family heritage or try one of grandma’s favorite recipes. Stop by the dollar store and let the kids pick out décor. Invite family or friends to the restaurant. This can also be a sneaky and sweet date night for you and your partner. You will never enjoy more adorable waiters.

$$$ Does your family love pizza? Host a pizza showdown! Order pizza from a few different pizzerias — you can spread this over a few days or do it all at once. Create voting cards with different categories like “quality of crust” or “taste of sauce.” Kids will have fun defining the categories that are most important to them. Share your ratings over social media or even write reviews online (a secret educational activity over spring break!) Of course, you can personalize this to fit your family’s taste: tacos, kebobs, veggie burgers or cupcakes. The possibilities are endless!

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