Galimoto Push Toys

I was killing time last month at a conference in North Carolina, strolling through a strip mall of all places, when I stumbled across a store called Galimoto, a $9 push toy made of wire and fabric and fashioned in the shape of a colorful pedaling bicyclist.

I happen to have a soft spot for push toys in general. For one, they’re an instant hit with younger kids because they are just so easy to use. Plus, push toys help develop motor skills and balance for toddlers just learning to walk. But, ultimately it’s because of the innate charm of the plain ol’ push toy. No batteries. No fancy tricks. But somehow it seems a little magical the way a little push can make it come to life. And these push toys in particular are magical.

What’s more magical than the innovation and initiative of some African kids to make their own little toy? These little push toys are darling and well-made (see their little legs go!), but, more than that, they’re inspiring and humbling – and maybe even making the world a better place.

Want to win a Galimoto for your child? We picked up a few and you can enter to own one of your own in our Galimoto contest!


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