Reptangles Building Toys

I cannot contain my excitement over Reptangles! These colorful turtles snap together to create tons of three-dimensional models – and they provide kids with a perfect way to learn while playing.

Created by Fat Brain Toys, this 24-pack includes purple, blue, green, yellow, red and orange turtles that allow kids to familiarize themselves with shapes as they create and construct model after model. A book, featuring more than 50 puzzles that help kids explore the world of geometry, is also included.

The turtles hook together from a bunch of different angles. Stack them one on top of the other, connect them by their faces and feet, and even back-to-back. From hexagons and decagons to circles and cubes, the possibilities are endless.

I got the chance to play with item in Metro Parent’s office, and there are definitely some pros and cons to this product.

While the box says this toy is suitable for ages 6 and up, I think it might be difficult for someone as young as 6 to snap these turtles together. If you don’t fit them together just right, they will not keep their shape, and sometimes I found that I needed to exert some extra strength to get my turtles to snap together.

However, I found that the pros outweigh the cons on this one. With so many different ways to snap the turtles together, this toy will occupy much of your child’s time. They can spend hours creating, exploring shapes and having fun with something that appears to be so basic.

Learning geometry is something that should be a hands-on experience, because simply doing problems on a sheet of paper might not be the way your child learns. So we say spend the $25.95 on this item – and give your child a fun way to learn!


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