Road Trip Tips for Families

Road trips are awesome for exploration! But, you must admit that spending so much time in the car can be exhausting in more ways than one. If you plan to take a family road trip this year, make sure you’ve got snacks, games and more packed for the trip. Here are four tips to follow to ensure your next family trip is easy and fun for everyone.

Play the A-to-Z Game

No need to spy road signs for this alphabet game. Here’s how it works: Have one person decide on a theme – like animals, TV shows or food. Then, each person takes a turn saying one thing in that category. The next person has to give another example using the last letter of the thing. For example, if the category is “animals” and the first person says “turtle,” the next person would need to say an animal that starts with “e,” like elephant. No repeats! The game is actually tougher than it sounds. For younger kids, you can see how many things you can name together in a certain category in a minute or two. So how many fruits can you name without repeating any in 60 seconds? Start counting!

Roadside dining

Why sit down in a restaurant when you can eat outside at a unique, roadside locale? Order your meal to go and let your kids find a place to eat en route. Make sure that the restaurant packs all the utensils and napkins you need.

Snack ideas

Skip the sugar when it comes to packing up snacks. Sugary sweets will leave your kids hungry for more – instead of satisfied and happily watching as the mile markers go by. Brainstorm snack ideas before your trip and then let your kids help you pack up the loot, so they know what you have. Stock up on beef jerky, wheat crackers, cubed cheese (in a cold pack), apples, dried fruit, banana chips, nuts and lots of water bottles.

Story time

Kids love to hear stories about when their parents were little. Take turns in the car telling tales about when mom was in kindergarten or when dad was in his first baseball game. To get the conversation going, tell your kids that they can play reporter for the next 10 miles or whatever distance you choose. After that distance, switch and have parents play reporters and kids act as the “interviewee.”


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